Vol 4 (2017)

Mount Royal Undergraduate Humanities Review


The Mount Royal Undergraduate Humanities Review (MRUHR) is an online, student-run, annual journal of undergraduate research in the Humanities. The MRUHR invites submissions from Mount Royal University students of essays or other kinds of intellectual work appropriate for an online journal that are relevant to the subjects taught by the Mount Royal Department of Humanities (History, Philosophy, Women’s Studies, Religious Studies, Indigenous Studies, Canadian Studies, or Art History).



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Editor's Note

Editorial PDF
Chelsey Schafer


“I Wish to be Free of All Things I Am Not and Will Never Be”: Reorientation of Self Through the (re)Framing of (post)Colonial Consciousness in Marie Clements’ The Edward Curtis Project. PDF
Ahmed P. Alkubaisy
Chimneys in the Night: A Comparative Analysis of Elie Wiesel’s Night and Olga Lengyel’s Five Chimneys PDF
Layla Dawn Leard
The Critical Years: Role of the Events of the 1780s in Strengthening the Abolitionist Movement of Britain PDF
Kaden Hubert Prowse
State of Mind: History and the Narrative of Nationalism PDF
Victoria Heather Reil
Anti-Slavery Movements in British North America and the Transnational life of “Obedient Servant” Samuel Ringgold Ward PDF
Kenny Reilly
Resistence in the Ghettos PDF
Tim Say
Influences of Racial Science in Hitler’s Europe PDF
Ana Susnjar
Sodomitical Butterflies: Male Homosexual Desire in Colonial Latin America PDF
Joseph James Wawzonek
Communism and Toronto Schools: Contention and Politics in the Toronto School Board, 1941-1962. PDF
Stephanie Weber

Special Section on Women and Gender Studies

From Courtship to “Occasional Prostitution”: Acceptable and Unacceptable Public Displays of Sexuality in Canada from 1880 to 1920 PDF
Melissa Bauman
The 19th Century Parisian: Social Hierarchy and Female Sexuality Through the Lens of Impressionist Art and Naturalist Literature PDF
Jenna Christiane Dimler
The Submissive Sex PDF
Jacey Rayne Magnussen
Feminist Interpretations of the Holocaust PDF
Erika Potter

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