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The Behavioural Sciences Undergraduate Journal (BSUJ) was founded in 2012 by members of the Sociology Student Society Society and the Psychology Student Society (PSS) of MRU and SAMRU. Founding Journal Manager was Nicole MicInnis and Founding Journal Editor was Famira Racy. Founding contributors continue to advise and review in collaboration with Faculty. The journal is hosted by MRU Library.

The BSUJ serves the purposes of advancing and publishing undergraduate research with integrity, engaging in academic and community opportunities (Arts Student Research Day, BSUJ Symposium, Research 16, 17) and building foundational personal, professional and academic learning.

Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta


The original BSUJ committee would like to thank the MRU Library as well as Dean Jeff Keshen and the Faculty of Arts for their support and involvement with this journal.

Sources of Support