About the Journal

Focus and Scope

El texto hispanoamericano/The Spanish American text published essays on topics of Spanish American Literature, written in Spanish by undergraduate students following courses offered by the Spanish Program at Mount Royal University.

Journal History

The editors

Belkis Barrios was raised in Caracas, Venezuela, where she completed studies in journalism and worked at several media enterprises. In 2002 she traveled to Toronto, Canada, where she earned a BA in Hispanic Studies and a certificate in English-Spanish translation. She taught Spanish to adults of several proficiency levels and worked as a translator for the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. She also completed several independent translation projects, including some documentaries and academic conferences by Rosemary Sullivan, a laureate Canadian poet and writer. Later on, Belkis moved to Vancouver to undertake a MA degree in Spanish at The University of British Columbia, with focus on twenty and twenty-first century Latin American literature analized from the perspective of postmodern aesthetics. Currently she is enrolled as a fourth-year PhD student at the department of Spanish and Portuguese, Vanderbilt University, where she is exploring the topic of Latin American diaspora and the global subject in contemporary narrative and film.

María Teresa Grillo is an assistant professor of Spanish and Spanish American Literature at the Department of Languages and Cultures of Mount Royal University in Calgary. She was born in Lima, Perú, where she earned a Master in Peruvian and Latin American Literature at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. She was a text corrector and collaborator of Imaginario del Arte, a journal on arts and literature. Later, she travelled to Vancouver, Canada, where she completed a PhD in Hispanic studies, at The University of British Columbia, with a focus on Andean colonial and contemporary texts. She has published several articles on Spanish American colonial and testimonial literature and is currently writing a book on Andean testimonial literature.

Calgary, December 2014.