Strengthening mathematical problem solving skills: Through the use of digital technology

  • Jasdeep Ubhi


In this study I propose to explore how digital technology can strengthen problem-solving skills in mathematics. To address this I composed a literature review on scholarly sources. I also conducted an online survey consisting of 20 participants from Mount Royal University. Lastly, I interviewed a professional and professor in the mathematics field, Dr. Pamini Thangararah, to draw upon her experience and views on problem solving in mathematics using technology. My data determines that digital technology is a tool utilized to problem solve in mathematics. According to my findings, technology is preferred to be used in math and to help problem solve. The significance to this research study is to identify whether students can use digital technology for math and to encourage high levels of problem solving skills. It is important for elementary teachers to utilize technology as a resource to enhance their students understanding of mathematics, thus leading to mathematical success.