Traditional or technology: A new twist to learning mathematics

  • Luxmy Yogesparan


Technology is now heavily being used in the classrooms of many schools and they are now finding their way into the lessons plans of many educators. My research manuscript examines the following question, “Integrating technology in Mathematics allows students to have many engaging virtual experiences. But can this lead to students preferring the virtual experience than the authentic hands on (live) experience?” I used Google forms to create a survey and gather information about my topic. I received many mixed responses regarding my topic in study. Overall the participants in my survey believed that technology can have a positive role in a student's learning if used appropriately, and that as educators it is important that we find a balance between using technology and traditional methods in our teaching. This research project has helped me identify as a teacher what methods I would like to use and this assignment has given me an opportunity to reflect back on my teaching philosophy.