Integrating digital technology with inquiry based learning


  • Rachel Cool



The overall topic for this research manuscript aims to understand how to best incorporate the use of digital technology into inquiry projects with the goal to create more authentic learning experiences for students. Moreover, what types of digital technology are available in order to support and enhance student learning and understanding and how can we best prepare teachers in order for them to feel comfortable using these forms of technology in the classroom. In order to answer this complex question, I surveyed my fellow teacher candidates using Google forms in order to better understand their experiences with digital technology and inquiry based learning. I also looked to two practicing teachers in very different schools and was curious as to what their experiences have been with the success of digital technology and inquiry. This research is very valuable because the amount of digital technology that is rapidly increasing and the paradigm of education is also shifting too. Learning is becoming much more learner centered than teacher centered as a result of inquiry based learning. Therefore, pairing the these two together, I believe can provide a much more rich, engaging and authentic learning experience if done properly. However, my research did indicate inquiry based learning is still a fairly new approach and teachers and pre-service teachers are learning themselves how to implicate this practice with their own teaching philosophy and practice. I also found that digital technology can enhance can significantly student learning and growth yet it can also act as a divider among students and different schools.