Creativity inspires exploration


  • Shelby Bryant



In today’s society there is a growing problem around students and their hatred towards math. This research explored the various ways of how to make the math classroom a creative and engaging place for students. For this research, the guiding question was “How can teachers use technology in a creative enough way to make students more interested in the subject of mathematics?” The final findings for this research were slightly different than expected. When conducting the research for this project it was done through a Google Forms survey and through an interview with an expert (see Appendix A). Many of the people who responded to the survey had not experienced technology when studying math before. The survey results regarding the question if teachers should use more technology when teaching math was mainly positive. This research project will help me in my future math classroom to foster a love for math. Too many children develop a great hatred toward the subject of math and I would like to help contribute to the change of this growing problem and this research will help guide me.