A Devil of the Details: The Life and Crimes of Nazi Wilhelm Frick

  • Hannah Kost Mount Royal University


Wilhelm Frick, the Minister of the Interior in the Third Reich, has never garnered 
the same notoriety as some of his Nazi peers—in spite of the fact that he played an 
instrumental role in Jewish persecution. From his co-authoring of the Nuremberg 
Laws to his involvement in the Third Reich’s police and concentration camps, Frick’s 
background in law, policing, and politics helped him become a lethal and influential 
tool for the Nazi Party. This paper argues that Frick served as a judicial architect of 
the Holocaust and facilitator of the Final Solution, who has—somehow—remained   
largely unknown.

Author Biography

Hannah Kost, Mount Royal University
My name is Hannah Kost, and I'm a fourth-year Journalism student at Mount Royal University.