Harry Elmer Barnes Historical Review and the Effects of Historical Revisionism


  • Jacob Hilgartner Mount Royal Student




The growing presence of historical revisionim today that plagues the Historical academic community has its roots in the past works of Historical writers and the steps taken to give greater perspective and context to misinterprated events by modern History writers is often undermined by the continued presence of misinformation and its rapid spread through the public and political sphere. This historical review looks at Harry Elmer Barnes who was a 20th century historical writer and known revisionistand holocaust excuser and sometimes even denier. The way in which prediction but speculative analysis can lead to revisionist talking points will also be examined using his works. A detailed synopsis of his career, examination of his article Europes War and Our Democracy, and his later correspondences will be given in order to show the way in which historical revisionism can effect even those academics held in high esteem within the Historical faculty.