Power, Voice and Positionality

An Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Team Podcasts Their Experience With a Students-as-Partners Framework


  • Sally Haney Mount Royal University
  • Yasmin Dean Mount Royal University
  • Michaela Chronik Mount Royal University
  • Amanda Creig Mount Royal University




students as partners, faculty-student partners, SoTL, podcast


A faculty-student partnership records a podcast to share their experience of a students-as-partners framework. The commentary invites the listener to explore some of the inherent tensions associated with power, voice, and positionality. Listeners are gifted with the story of the Ani to Pisi (Spiderweb), which informs this work.


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Author Biographies

Sally Haney, Mount Royal University

Sally Haney, shaney@mtroyal.ca, is an Associate Professor of Journalism and the chair of the Department of Journalism and Broadcast Media Studies. Her interests include international field school delivery, student-generated local news within journalism school settings, and journalism program collaborations. Her research is informed by the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Yasmin Dean, Mount Royal University

Yasmin Dean is an Associate Professor of Social Work and the current chair of the Department of Child Studies and Social Work. Amplifying voices to end all forms of social injustice is a personal and professional lifelong commitment. Dean's interests focus on the decolonization of Social Work education.

Michaela Chronik, Mount Royal University

Michaela Chronik is a fourth-year student in Early Learning and Child Care. Her career goal includes educating others about the critical early years and the lasting impact they have throughout adulthood. Her favourite MRU memory so far has been taking part in the 2018 India Field School. 

Amanda Creig, Mount Royal University

Amanda Creig is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Child Studies program at Mount Royal University. Mentoring and making connections with others were the most meaningful elements of her undergraduate career. Creig hopes to pursue graduate studies in pediatric psychosocial care.



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