About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Submissions to the BSUJ focus on research topics in the behavioural sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, anthropology, health sciences, nursing, criminology).

Authors may submit original scholarly works or modify works written for course credit in a scholarly manner (e.g., research report, honours thesis) in accordance to BSUJ submission criteria (see review guidelines).

NOTE. Please ensure ethics approved for dissemination if submitting work involving human participants. Please check with your professor if submitting course work.

Submissions include, but are not limited to:

commentary (on the field, on other papers, argue a point)

review article (argue a larger point, bring research up to speed, compare models and definitions, point to gaps)

analysis (critical, case study)

qualitative, quanitative, experimental studies

Peer Review Process

Acceptance into publication for the BSUJ includes a rigorous process.


*Reviewers recruited based on expertise

*Sometimes a reviewer may review papers outside of the given discipline in order to ensure comprehension by general readership

*1-2 peer-reviewers

*1-2 faculty-reviewers

*Double-blind review

*Contributors are disclosed

*Review by Editor through each stage

*Editor reviews manuscript for submission criteria (preliminary review)

*Editor reviews peer-reviews and faculty-reviews foradherence to policy at each stage

*Editor reviews revisions made by authors at each stage

*Review of Editor's work by External Editor(s) for validity and transparancy

*All studies using human participants are submitted for ethical review (ETHICS and HREB)

*All reviewers are required to attend a workshop demonstrating peer-review skills

*All reviewers are asked to use the same criteria for review of all manuscripts; one document containing review criteria is given to all reviewers; review criteria e.g.s include, but are not limited to:

Is there a novel contribution to research?

Does the contribution fit with the scope of the BSUJ?

Is the background research sufficient?

Does the methodology test the hypothesis?

Does the discussion link findings to research question?

APA style requirements

Credibility of sources

Writing/grammar/paper structure

*Reviews must be constructive and informative, and should aid authors toward improvement (must offer SUGGESTIONS for improvement)

e.g., Don't say, "This makes no sense" or "this is wrong", but say something like, "I think you are trying to say... but this is unclear. Try doing X to clarify."

* Review timeline may vary depending on the current BSUJ committee, but 3-4 months for full review (not including publication) is typical; 1-2 week blocks for each review/revision phase is typical

Publication Frequency

Journal submissions that adhere to peer-review criteria will be published fluidly (as ready) or collectively (in issues).

Other publications may be published on an irregular schedule, including journal research, editorials, publishing materials, conference abstracts, announcements and newsletters.

Open Access Policy

This journal does not charge publication fees or access fees. The BSUJ provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


The original BSUJ committee would like to thank the MRU Library as well as Dean Jeff Keshen and the Faculty of Arts for their support and involvement with this journal.

Sources of Support

Journal History

2012 BSUJ founded by students at MRU

2013 Inagural issue: Ubiquity of Heteronormativity (1, 1)

2013 Arts Students' Research Day, BSUJ symposium at MRU

2014 BSUJ Research Days symposium at MRU

2015 Special Issue: Self & Social Cognition (2, 1)

2015 PSS, BSUJ symposium at MRU

2016 Research16, BSUJ & PSS symposium at MRU

2017 Fluid publication launched (3, 1)

2017 Department of Psychology, PSS symposium contributor

2017 MRU Psychology Lab Grand Opening