Editorial Team

Journal Editor (+ interim admin/management)

Shayla-Rose Somers

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Shayla-Rose is a white, disabled, queer, non-binary, neurodivergent person currently completing a degree in psychology at Mount Royal University, minoring in biology and women & gender studies. They are passionate about mental health, neurology, and furthering self-awareness and accountability through interdisciplinary studies and intersectional focus. 

Publishing and I/O Psychology Specialist

Famira Racy 

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Famira Racy re-joins us as our founding Publishing and Industrial Organization (I/O) psychology specialist, with a Bachelor of Arts (Hns.) degree from Mount Royal University and a Masters in I/O from Adler University. Bringing 10 years of knowledge and experience around coaching, consulting, team dynamics, psychology, and interdisciplinary publishing to the table, Famira is driven by a desire to break down barriers and to open up access to human potentials.  Her main goals on the BSUJ are to (1) support organization growth, innovation, change, and student success. (2) to facilitate the 'mentorship tree' (3) to continue engaging in a re-envisioning of how the publishing process is learned and used, from the student early in their career, to the unaffiliated audience looking for user-friendly ways to engage with publishing. On the flip side, you can find Famira relaxing often with her furry animal friends, out in nature, stretching with some cool grooves, shooting some stick on the pool table (when it's not Covid), or creating art.  

Faculty Liaison

Dr. Alain Morin

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Dr. Alain Morin returns to the BSUJ in his role as Faculty Liaison with MRU, often mentoring the team with editing and publishing experiences. Alain got his Ph.D. from Laval University in 1992. Now at the Mount Royal University Psychology Department in Calgary, he teaches Theories of Theories of Personality and The Self. Alain’s research on inner speech and self-awareness appears in journals such as Consciousness & Cognition, Cortex, and Social and Personality Psychology Compass. Dr. Morin is Associate Editor for Frontiers in Cognitive Science, Psychology of Consciousness, and Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness. Some of his recent contributions include an Oxford Press book chapter on the self-reflective functions of inner speech, two Frontiers Research Topics on inner experiences and intrapersonal communication, and an upcoming paper on cross-cultural similarities and differences in inner speech. With this kind of experience, mentorship and liaising with the BSUJ are an enjoyable activity for Alain, along with travel, playing cello, horseback riding and composing music.     

External Editor

Dr. David Mumby, Concordia University/CSBN

Review Board

Dr. Nancy Ogden, Mount Royal University

Dr. Alain Morin, Department of Psychology, MRU Host Topic Editor, Frontiers, Canada

Dr. Janet Miller, Mount Royal University

Dr. David Aveline, MRU

Dr. David Mumby, Concordia University/CSBN

Bruce Hoffman, York University Graduate; Athabasca University Counselling, independent scholar

Miss Elise Pallagi, University of Regina Faculty of Social Work, Canada

Famira Racy, Mount Royal University

Layout and Design

Famira Racy, Adler University, Canada

Advisory Board

Dr. Alain Morin, Department of Psychology, MRU Host Topic Editor, Frontiers, Canada

Dr. David Mumby, Concordia University/CSBN

Famira Racy, Adler University, Canada