BSUJ Newsletter May 2016

Dear All,
Congratulations everyone on all the fabulous work that has been done over the last amazing year! I want to thank all of you as you all play important roles in the continuation of the Journal. As I prepare to move on from my role as Editor of the BSUJ, I want MRU and BSUJ communities to be prepared as well.Workshop published: The Yu Review Workshop has been posted with instructions in the Facebook Group under 'Files' as a series of 10 PDF files (read from 1 to 10). A huge thank you to the authors and reviewers involved in sharing that process!In progress: I currently have 6 more papers going through the process right now and interviews coming up with potential Editors-- meaning another issue and new team ahead as many of us move on-- also meaning I will be contacting you for reviews through summer.Successful conference: We just co-hosted a highly successful conference with the Psychology Student Society and the Department of Psychology at MRU (the BSUJ's 3rd annual conference at MRU) so we have proceedings to publish as well. A huge CONGRATS to everyone involved in that momentous occasion-- an event to remember and to look forward to in the future!Incoming BSUJ Board: There is a new BSUJ Board coming up including open positions for Faculty such as Faculty Liaison, Advisor(s), Associate Editor, Guest Editor(s) etc. and new expanded positions for students such as Editor, Research & Development Specialist, Journal Administrator, Journal Operations Manager and Science Communications Officer.Important: Those currently holding these positions, please let me know if you are willing to continue holding your position in the event we do not fill the position for the incoming Summer/Fall term.What do I do? Please get in touch with me if you would like to be considered for any role in particular as we move ahead with the structure of the BSUJ. Even if you are not an undergrad anymore, there are lots of positions for you and Alumni with the BSUJ, including art submissions, social commentary, reviewing, advisory and support.Otherwise, Faculty included, you will continued to be contacted within your regular capacity for requests unless you specifically notify me that you wish to cease or change your role with the BSUJ. Do not hesitate to contact me with inquiries before deciding to change anything.I still don't get the BSUJ: The organizational structure and constitution of the BSUJ will be posted on the social medial feeds and the MRU journal website in time for the in-coming BSUJ Board, so that changes can be made as needed and the Journal can continue.Contact: If you have not had a chance to view current policies, issues and open social media feeds, please do so at: pass on the word to any colleagues, peers or students who may be interested in getting involved, including Faculty, Honours Students, potential authors, classmates and more-- contact the BSUJ anytime for more information! Keep posted for more important updates.Kind regards,FamiraFamira RacyGuest Editor, BSUJ