Incoming Executive Committee


Please welcome the incoming 2017 BSUJ Executive Committee!

The Exec works together with the Editorial Board, members of the BSUJ and wider communities to uphold publishing and scholarship and to facilitate learning and development in the interests of stakeholders (the science community, students, society, you!).

Josh Trach, Journal Editor

In his free time, Josh enjoys creative writing and playing the piano. He's a third year psychology major with particular interests in neuroanatomy, the effects of drug use in communities, and dementia research. He looks forward to maintaining the integrity and accessibility of the BSUJ, and hopefully exploring these topics and others with the social science community at MRU. His goal is to consistently work to produce each issue with the goal of bringing disciplines together in ways that increase our understanding of novel topics.

Perry Yung, Journal Manager

Perry is a fourth year Honours student in the Criminal Justice program at MRU. He has a particular interest on wrongful convictions, which is the focus in his Honours Thesis. In addition to his major he has interdisciplinary knowledge in humanities, sociology and psychology. Perry looks forward to raising the profile of the BSUJ further and establishing it firmly in the academic community. When Perry is not at work or studying he is cheering on the San Francisco 49ers and Giants.

Alain Morin, Faculty Liaison

Alain teaches personality, social cognition and the Self at MRU. His field of expertise is self-awareness and inner speech. He publishes papers in journals such as Consciousness and Cognition and Brain and Behavioural Sciences. Alain presented on the self-reflective function of inner-speech in Granada, Spain, and just completed a chapter based on this work. After his recent co-edited special edition on inner experiences with Frontiers in Cognition, Alain accepted a position as Associate Editor for the journal. Alain’s role since 2013 has been to connect the BSUJ with MRU communities and to advise in collaboration with other members. Alain also composes contemporary music and plays cello.

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Dave Mumby, Associate Editor

Dave Mumby “received his Ph.D. in Biopsychology from the University of British Columbia in 1992. In 1994, after 18 months in a postdoctoral research position in Dr. Robert Sutherland's laboratory at the University of New Mexico, Dr. Mumby joined the Department of Psychology at Concordia University. In 1999 he joined the Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology.” A fun fact from Dave: “I have chickens at home, and I'm thinking of ways to formally test their memory abilities. Seriously.” Research includes “object recognition, spatial memory, fear learning, context memory, [and] neural systems”. Dave also facilitates scholarship in the wider communities and has been part of the BSUJ team since 2014. His students work to “develop their reputations as independent researchers” and “graduate students are encouraged to pursue lines of inquiry they can call their own”.

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Incoming Research and Development: Hanaa Elmoghrabi

Hanaa graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2015 and published an academic article in the BSUJ about street harassment and victim blaming the same year. She is passionate to get her MA and eventually her PhD, and become a licensed therapist specializing in deviant sexual behaviours. Hanaa is a self-taught musician, playing the piano and guitar for over a decade, as well as an avid crafter and cosplayer, showcasing her work at yearly comic and entertainment conventions. She loves reading and collecting antique books, as well as learning new languages. Hanaa is currently drafting an educational series for YouTube.

Incoming Typeset and Layout Designer: Maria Ramirez

Maria is currently in her first year in the Psychology program at MRU. Her interests in the field involve biopsychology, particularly how drugs affect the nervous system, as well as psychopathology, specifically working one-on-one with adolescents with developmental disabilities. She found the later passion about about four years ago, while she was in the Education program at MRU, completely by chance, when she began working as a tutor with an older child with disabilities. She is (genuinely) excited to help as a typesetter, specially since she wasn’t even aware that being nitpicky about formatting could actually be something she could help with! In her free time, she can be found at local and famous bands' concerts, reading rockstar autobiographies and fiction novels, and watching several TV shows on Netflix (her lifelong obsession being How I Met Your Mother).

Returning in a new position: 
Famira Racy, Advisory (previously Journal Manager and Editor)

Famira has enjoyed editing and working with students since 2009, with contributions and organizations such as Red Matters, The Gist, the BSUJ, the ASA, and most recently with Frontiers in Psychology--Cognition as art contributor and review-editor. Famira received a BA (Hns.) in Psychology and Minor in Humanities from MRU in 2014 and is working on an MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Adler University, focusing on cognition, behaviour, research and social responsibility in the workplace and the impact of these factors on individuals and societies. Roles with the BSUJ are to complete the publishing process up to this point and to facilitate the continuance of the journal in collaboration with the incoming team. Travel, conferences, exploring cultures, photography, horseback riding, sailing, making music, camping—interests include anything that can be done while learning, preferably outside.

Incoming Scholarly Engagement: Kayla Pearen (bio TBA)

Special thanks to James Patton for liaisoning between the Psychology Student Society, the BSUJ and the students!

Special thanks to David Gomez for graphics and design consultations!

Structural and Executive changes will be ongoing as the BSUJ grows. Thank you all for your continued dedication to this unique learning organization!