Human Trafficking: The Complexities of a Global Definition


  • Nicole MacInnis University of Manitoba



Canada, forced labour, gender violence, human trafficking, organ trafficking, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, United States, violence against women


The author of this paper explores the question, what is human trafficking? In order to answer this question, differing definitions of human trafficking are examined, as well as what problems these inconsistencies can present. Additionally, the causes of human trafficking, types of trafficking, recruitment strategies, and those whom are often targeted as victims, are discussed along with the significant problems in conquering human trafficking internationally. In order to exemplify the issues, there is further exploration into how two western countries define and approach human trafficking; emphasizing the differences between them and problems it creates. In conclusion, unless we develop a global definition of trafficking to help deal with cross-border criminal activity, we will continue to struggle with these types of trafficking problems.

Author Biography

Nicole MacInnis, University of Manitoba

Department of Sociology, University of Manitoba


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