On the Cover: 'Alternate Perceptions'


  • Famira Racy




The artist, Famira Racy, is an inner experiences researcher and I/O psychology specialist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Famira's philosophy of art is rooted in the malleability and varieties of experience, and the sublime notions of existence and beauty in both creation and destruction. In this issue's cover piece, 'Alternate Perceptions' she reflects here on commonly constructed juxtapositions of rumination and mindfulness in cognition.

To produce this image, Famira photographed a simple backyard in Calgary, then enhanced contrast and saturation between naturally occuring patterns of light, colour, and shapes. What emerged was a representation of an experience that can be both a juxtaposition of two processes (e.g., light/dark, simple/complex), as well as a coming together of these positions to create a new perspective.

Applying this perspective shift to cognitive processes such as mindfulness and rumination for example, one can ask not only what mindfulness can do for rumination, but also what mindfulness of one's rumination can come to 'say' about one's cognitions and behaviours in a bigger picture -- a meta-awareness of sorts.

- Famira Racy




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Racy, F. (2020). On the Cover: ’Alternate Perceptions’. Behavioural Sciences Undergraduate Journal, 3(1). https://doi.org/10.29173/bsuj582