Conversations and Reflections on Authentic Assessment


  • Kimberley Grant University of Calgary
  • Lisa Fedoruk University of Calgary
  • Lorelli Nowell University of Calgary



conversation, authentic assessment, reflection


In this paper, we describe how academic colleagues from different fields used a theoretical framework for authentic assessment as the starting point for meaningful conversations about our teaching practices. We re-envision Hutchings’ (2000) taxonomy of SoTL questions as a fluid conversational cycle rather than a system of classification. Using the eight elements of authentic assessment as outlined by Ashford-Rowe et al. (2014) as a theoretical framework, we engage with the research literature, reflect on what is and what works from our previous teaching and learning experiences, and propose ideas and questions for what is possible moving forward.


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Author Biographies

Kimberley Grant, University of Calgary

Dr. Kimberley Grant,, is an Educational Development Consultant at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Werklund School of Education. She currently leads a teaching development program for academic staff and consults on program-level curriculum development and review.  

Lisa Fedoruk, University of Calgary

Dr. Lisa Fedoruk is an Educational Development Consultant at the University of Calgary. She collaborates with faculty, postdoctoral scholars and students to facilitate, guide and support workshops, programming, and resources related to the Taylor Institute’s Certificates in University Learning and Teaching and Teaching Assistant Orientation.

Lorelli Nowell, University of Calgary

Dr. Lorelli Nowell is an Assistant Professor, and she currently holds a Teaching and Learning Research Professorship. Her emerging program of research focuses on studying innovations in teaching and learning, the professional learning and development of educators, and mentorship to support teaching and learning practices.