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The BSUJ is a peer-reviewed, open-access, undergraduate journal focused in the behavioural sciences. Our mission reflects the learning of scientific principles, research integrity, publishing process, and constructive collaboration at foundational levels.

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2019/2020 Executive Team


Journal Manager/President: Violet McNee

Vice President/Treasurer: Meaghan Peters 
Journal Editor: Shayla-Rose Somers
Activities Representative: Hannah Frank
Scholarly Engagement Representatives: Laura Infantes Perez & Hannah Frank


All students are psychology majors at Mount Royal University.

Posted: 2019-04-30

Journal Editor and Manager Positions have been Filled

Congratulations Violet McNee and Shayla-Rose Somers on joining the BSUJ team!  
Posted: 2019-04-30

Volume 3 Issue 2 Article Published


We are pleased to announce the release of a paper by Jessica Elsom on inner speech modification and young offenders. We'd like to acknowledge Jessica for her outstanding contribution to the learning component of the BSUJ through supporting and training transitioning reviewers and executives through the publication process. Jessica argues for the importance of change in the ways youth experience treatment, moving away from punishment models toward humanistic models highlighting the impact of inner speech in maximizing growth. We invite you to read, share, and comment on this literature review on her publication achievement.

Thank you to our team at the BSUJ and MRU for the support and commitment to open-access publication in undergraduate education. 

Please click on 'Current' in the menu above to see the current issue. 

Posted: 2019-03-15

Seeking Reviewers!



We are currently seeking individuals to review a manuscript about gender differences and risk propensity.

Please email to request more information.

Posted: 2018-06-18

Introducing our 2018-19 Executive Team!


Congratulations to the new BSUJ Executive Team!

President/Journal Manager: Kayla Pearen (Psychology) 
Vice President/Treasurer: Maria Ramirez (Psychology)
Journal Editor: Brooke Ruskin (Psychology) 
Activities Representative: Vanessa Boila (Psychology) 
Scholarly Engagement Representatives: Niall Emmott (Policy Studies) and Kate Briand (Psychology)

Posted: 2018-05-23

Seeking Reviewers


Interested in reviewing for the BSUJ?

We are looking for people with background in the behavioural sciences!

Right now, we are seeking sociology student reviewers!

Email to request more information.

Posted: 2018-05-02

Congratulations Incoming Editor


The BSUJ thanks Josh for contributing to editorial duties over the last academic terms, and we appreciate his continued support as we welcome our incoming editor, Brooke Ruskin, B.Ed., currently studying Psychology at MRU.


Stay posted for info about our incoming team!

Posted: 2018-05-02

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Posted: 2017-03-21

Incoming Executive Committee

Introduces the incoming BSUJ Executive Committee for the 2017 academic year.  
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BSUJ Newsletter May 2016

Describes the BSUJ's current status.  
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